Online Marketing Perth – New to the field of advertising? Don’t be afraid, Be adventurous!

Online Marketing Perth – New to the field of advertising? Don’t be afraid, Be adventurous!

Online Marketing is a fascinating area which you need to try for your local Perth company if you want to boost your SEO campaign. The ideal place to turn to is Google AdWords to discover how to use advertising, an additional area is Facebook ads, but let’s start-off today with running through a few ideas about Google AdWords and its affect upon SEO and Advertising.

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From here you can start off on your grand journey of Google advertising.

But before you start, know this:

  •  You will not see great results unless you commit– don’t only spend $1 and count on amazing results.
  •  You have to let your ad campaign run for at least a week– if you try and interpret the outcomes before this you will not see what actually happens, there is often a peak of curiosity at the start, which will settle after a week.
  •  And there are also two different systems in Google AdWords. There is AdWords ‘classic’ and also Google AdWords ‘Express’.
  •  You can create an advertisement for your Perth company through Express far quicker than classic AdWords, however you will have less options and less tools.
  •  Your Ad Campaigns don’t carry between the two systems, so you can’t take care of an express ad from Classic AdWords.

So It is pretty simple to establish your campaign, simply Google AdWords, click on ‘start campaign’ and you are one your way! Just simply choose your location (such as Perth) and your Budget. But I have always found the part that many people find complicated is understanding what to actually write for your ad.


The headline is the name of an ad. It must be appealing and eye-catching! It must be contained in only twenty-five characters. Note: the headline can’t be combined with the descriptions.

Description 1 and 2.

The description shows the title and provides a great call-to-action (CTA) to incite the reader to click on your ad for Perth. Please take note that the two lines can either be composed of two parts of a sentence or two small sentences. It may be read at one time. So you can start a sentence in the description 1 and complete it in the description 2– that’s absolutely fine. However, wach description line can not exceed thirty-five characters.

Display URL.

It is the URL presented on the ad but it could be different from the actual one if it is too long or too complicated. A display URL can have the keyword or the search intent in the URL path to become more relevant.

Official Rules for Writing Ads.

  •  Only one exclamation mark, and no exclamation mark in the headline.
  •  Do not apply the word ‘click’ or anything that is inconsistent with the display of Google searches as per their policy.
  •  No misusing of upper case.
  •  Recognize the character limits.

All the standards for Google ads are outlined here:

The preview also displays you how your ad will look on standard searches as well as on mobile searches and for other engines so you can comprehend how your ad will look for all options. Once you are satisfied, click ‘Save’ and you will now have finished your first AdWords Ad for your Perth business!

So I have attempted to give you a bit of an awareness of where you can start with Online Marketing in Perth, but there are so many other aspects which will demand your attention as your business grows. My advice is that you will need to start learning more and more, and the fact that you are reading this blog is a great start because free help and advice like this can help you piece it all together. If you are searching for even more though, and what to put this into practice, then you may want to start thinking about an SEO company to boost your Online Marketing. And so, if you have any questions, or simply want to chat, simply call Internet Marketing Experts Perth on 1300 595 013 or visit,

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